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10 Simple Ways to Have a Successful Event

1. Select a cool place for event

A fun venue is the first step towards a successful event. Look for exciting locations in your city (warehouses, museums, office building lobbies, art galleries) – our favorite venues are those that are open to unique themes and attractions, while also providing accessibility to your guests.

2. Create a theme The theme that you choose must complement your venue. Be sure to promote the theme details to your audience, as this will create further excitement!

Provide example photos of the theme when marketing the event. Maybe even provide shopping links to stores that carry themed outfits or merchandise.

3. Focus on fear of missing out

Nobody likes to miss out on a great time. Focus your marketing on making sure people know how much fun the event will be. Keep your attendees socially accountable by encouraging them to post about the tickets they recently purchased for your event.

4. Create exclusivity

As you begin promoting your event, try to create a feeling of exclusivity. You want your guests to feel special for being invited to your event. The exclusivity may take some thought to create or it may already exist and simply need promoting.

5. Sell event tickets online

Selling tickets online will bring more exposure to your event while making it easier for people to find and purchase tickets. It will also make check-in a breeze on your big day! With solutions like Jabburr, you’ll get paid daily and be able to utilize Jabburr’s social network to get more customers!

6. Tier your ticket prices

Offer different pricing and event features to attract more people. Maybe couples, single female and male tickets. VIP, elite & standard.

7. Professional-quality graphic design

Quality graphic design is essential. Professional-quality graphic design makes your event look much more credible. For a first-time event without an established track record, this task is critical.

8. Give it a cool name

The name you choose for your event should align with your event theme. The crazier the name, the better. Come up with something fun but also easy to remember. This will all help your word-of-mouth advertising effort.

9. Awesome raffle items

As your event approaches, try to collect amazing raffle items. Spin these items into another opportunity to promote the event, as you can message your attendees with hints about some of the trendy items that will be available at your event.

10. Show appreciation

Always thank your attendees for their purchase and attendance! Showing attendee appreciation is a great way to encourage attendees to return and become advocates, while also generating excitement for your event.

Great Eventing!

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