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How Can Businesses Get More Event Ticket Sales?

Being in the event business, I constantly get asked by businesses how they can drive more traffic to events and generate additional ticket sales. It’s become the Holy Grail for events to find a solution.

Event organizers have been utilizing Google and social media for years by social posting for free, creating pages and groups on social networks, and running paid ads. But the traffic still isn’t enough to satisfy most businesses, and if you don’t have a huge following yet, the results can be lackluster.

So, how do I drive more traffic to my events and sell more tickets?

My recommendation is to stop listing tickets on stand-alone ticketing platforms like Eventbrite or Ticketleap. You’re not going to get much free traffic from sites that only sell tickets.

There are social network sites that sell tickets like Jabburr that I highly recommend. Thousands of new users join social networks every day; it’s a built-in funnel of new potential customers seeing your event that would have never known that your event existed otherwise.

We’ve found that a lot of people will attend events that they never thought of, if exposed to the opportunity. For example, say you’re scrolling through a social network chatting with friends and you see an event post about Go-Karting. You’ve never thought of Go-Karting in your life, but your husband or boyfriend has a birthday coming up.

All of a sudden, you think “this would be great to go for his birthday present”. You buy some event tickets and have a blast. These tickets would have never been purchased on a stand-alone ticketing platform.

In addition, on a social network like Jabburr, you can set up a business page and post your events, start a blog about your events, create a podcast and include your events, open an online store on Jabburr’s Marketplace and create a group tailored to your business.

Social networks have so many components that drive traffic. Facebook has an abundance of event listings and a massive audience. The only disadvantage we see of Facebook is that users are pulled to another website to purchase tickets. Users sometimes drop off during this transition from Facebook to another site like Eventbrite.

By listing you event and selling tickets directly on a social network, closing ratios and ticket sales can increase.

The next time you go to list an event and sell tickets, think about using a social network to drive traffic and sales.

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