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How do You Choose the Best Fundraising Event?

As a non-profit, finding new and inventive ways to raise funds is imperative to the overall success of an organization. With the seemingly never-ending list of options, how do you know which fundraising event will have the biggest impact? Although door-to-door sales are a thing of the past, more money is being made from themed events than was ever made selling wrapping paper.

But each type of fundraising event has its own strengths and weaknesses. In choosing a fundraising event for your nonprofit, you should consider your cause, audience, and circumstances. In this infographic from Jabburr, you’ll learn about several types of events and if they are suitable for your needs.

The right fundraising event can be a huge boost to your nonprofit, in terms of both development and marketing. Use the statistics and insights in this infographic to choose the perfect event for your organization. Keep in mind that the returns of an event can come in the form of engagement, PR, and brand awareness, not just donations.

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